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In the past, we have generously offered free PR to some projects, on application, opening this offer up at certain times each year. We now feel this is not the right way to go about this, as what is free is often not appreciated, or used effectively.

Our new approach is ‘Pitch Your Project’. This is something that any project can get involved with, if they are willing to put up a budget for their project and have it match-funded with free Catapult PR time, equating to the same monetary value.

There are no opening or closing dates, as this scheme will operate all year round. Whether or not we decide to support a project with match-funding (via our free time, support and consultancy) will be our decision. If we think a project has legs, appears to need some no-charge support and can really make a mark in its sector, we will get behind it. If we don’t we will give you a short and honest appraisal as to say why not.

This scheme will largely be one for community schemes, charities, or worthy causes, but maybe these aren’t the only sectors from which supported projects will come. Until we see the project, we won’t know and, in some cases, we may support your project in part, but put a different suggestion, or proposition, to you.

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