Our Clients

Our clients are those seeking something better, more inspiring and more creative than they have elicited from their previous PR agencies and consultancies. They are wise heads who recognise that, if you want great PR, you need to work with PR specialists, not agencies in which PR is a poor relation. They are winners wanting to work with winners.

They are also people looking for that committed PR agency that will launch their new idea, product or service with as much passion as if it were their own concept. They are those wanting “more than an agency” and a consultant who will be there to support them when they have a wobble or need help to get out of a fix.

Sectors, brands and one-woman bands

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from high street names and blue-chip financial services giants, to start-ups, visitor attractions, hotels, experience providers, home, pet and lifestyle brands and construction innovators. They are specialism seekers and those who recognise that, after more than three decades in PR, we can justifiably say that we have a few specialisms.

They are the brand behind the BAFTA goody bag and its contents, the originator of the concept of kitchen recycling, the suppliers of the world’s best pizza ovens, the original ‘Shepherdess’, the owner of Bologna’s most prestigious cookery school – and much more. They are all so special and so special to us, no matter what their budget or brief.

And ultimately…

Above all, our clients are brands and businesses with stories, who understand the power of talented and hugely creative storytelling and the innate beauty of phenomenal ideas. Isn’t it time you joined our stable and let us tell your story?