Catapult PR opened its doors in March 1998, from its first office at the quaint Marsh Mill Village in Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire. We stayed there for more or less a decade, before moving to offices in Bispham, near Blackpool. We then relocated to Poulton-le-Fylde in 2011/12, before making our last move, to Metro House in Blackpool, close to the M55. This has been our home since May 2018.


Creativity is undoubtedly embedded in our DNA. It’s our hallmark, it’s what breathes life into our campaigns and content, it’s our differentiator as a Lancashire PR agency and it’s the reason why we attract clients from all over the UK and from Europe too. Clients come to us for our expertise and through word-of-mouth recommendation in over 75% of cases. We are not your typical regional PR agency and regularly attract London-based clients.

Thinking differently

We “think differently from anyone else that we know” (according to our clients). That may well lay in the DNA of our managing director, Jane Hunt, who is:

  • 55.3% North and Western European
  • 26.4% English
  • 16.2% Scandinavian
  • 2.1% Balkan

Maybe there’s just a touch of one of her favourite creative authors, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, about her, as well as that Viking spirit that has never said die over 21 years of running Catapult PR – over two decades in which the face of PR and marketing has changed beyond all recognition.


Despite the revolution and evolution, Catapult PR has remained at the forefront of its PR sector, as one of the most successful PR agencies and copywriting consultancies in the north west, throughout that period. It is possibly also the last PR agency still racking up the awards from all of those that graced the scene in 1998. That is down to talent, not luck. To access this talent, please get in touch here.