Our Sectors

If you and we are “a match”, we have tons of expertise to assist you, particularly in certain sectors, where we’ve excelled.

Firstly, let’s make it clear that we cover both B2C and B2B campaigns (but our B2B campaigns really aren’t boring and grey). And, anything we promote, we can write about with ease. And anything we don’t promote, we can write about with aplomb too. Except IT and music. We’re not too keen on those.

We possibly have some of the greatest experience in insurance of any agency in Britain and are national award winners (2021) of the Best Corporate or Business Communications Campaign in the UK. Big tick for our ability to ‘talk’ to other businesses then!

Conversely, we’re national and regional award winners in travel and community relations campaigns. Award judges have also been wowed by work in the pet and retail sectors. So, clearly (and with clarity) we engage consumers too.

But let’s stop there. Head to either our Chilled, Corporate or Copywriting/Content areas, to find out more about our public and media relations or content and copywriting work.

We’ve given you a hint of where we may be a match. But it’s not an exclusive overview.

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