PR Internships

Catapult PR was founded in 1998 but our experience in PR and content writing goes back much further. As a PR agency, we have won 35 awards (as of January 1 2020) and been shortlisted for over 50 others.

To give something back, we are starting a brand-new concept called the Catapult Intern Academy. This is the ideal opportunity for someone serious about a career in PR to have a few weeks experience working with us – or perhaps even longer.

The length of the internship and the basis on which we will offer one, will be determined on review of each individual application and what suits both ourselves and the intern. We cannot guarantee that all applications will result in an internship and we may wish to interview you first, to see if we think it will work. If we believe we cannot offer what you want from an internship, we will tell you so.

To apply for an internship, email sending:

  • your CV
  • a covering letter stating why you wish to be considered for an internship
  • your availability/preferred dates
  • details of what type of PR work interests you
  • your expectations from an internship
  • your strengths and weaknesses