Catapult Chilled

Catapult Chilled hugs largely consumer (B2C) brands and particularly those in travel, heritage and culture, leisure, retail, food, drink and cookery, pet and community enterprises.

Our Catapult Chilled marketing can be offline, or digital-to-consumer promotion, as we can raise your profile in traditional media channels but also online, through your website and e-communications, such as e-newsletters and social media.

We’re all about making news happen, through our creativity, quirky ideas and ability to fashion something out of virtually nothing. You could even be a regular on our Catapult Chilled podcast, ‘Poodling Around’, telling the world about what’s in your orbit.

We will also create a media centre for your brand and keep our finger on the pulse of journalists searching for certain types of story or information. We will even collect and analyse your coverage for you.

Just use the Chilled tab dropdown menu, or click on the links here, whether you require our award-winning travel and tourism, pet-sector PR, retail, culture and heritage or community relations and CSR-focused PR.

Alternatively, you may want our in-depth experience in food and drink, cookery school or Italian company and destination promotion, or our second-to-none experience in county day celebrations.

Basically, all you need to do is chill out and know your campaign is in safe hands. Ready to talk? Call us on 01253 446925.

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