Digital PR & Content Marketing

In the digital PR and marketing world, great storytellers are proving their worth. Not all wordsmiths are storytellers. Some are too factual and journalistic to be compelling content writers. Some lack passion and the ability to engage and connect. Others do not have creativity running through their veins and lack the imagination to keep the story running, chapter after chapter.

Here at Catapult PR and Catapult Digital PR, we have:

  • earned our stripes as editors of employee and customer magazines;
  • proven our ability to connect, engage and stir, through the PR campaigns we have created
  • won awards that have rewarded that heady combination of creativity and results

Nowadays, we take all of this and pour it into the digital customer funnel, helping businessesconvert marketing leads into customers or advocates.

Social Media

We repurpose content for social media channels, e-newsletters, traditional media and other marketing collateral, to get the most value from it. Our social media content typically takes the form of a campaign, rather than just being disjointed and ad hoc posts. This adds value for clients like you, who want words to work as hard as they can.

Digital and Web Content

We create digital and web content that web visitors actually want to read. It can be entertaining. It can be informative, yet still positioning a business as approachable. It can be high-value, gated or ungated content (available in exchange for an email address, or just freely given). It is typically compelling enough to make someone want to read, listen, buy, engage or click.

Website copywriter, blogger and content creator

We are a website copywriter, blogger, podcast creator, editor and content writer rolled into one. We work with you to determine your key digital customer personas and then help you reach out to them through digital content on your own website and valuable backlinks on media news sites and on other websites. Our keyword-rich copy also helps boost your SEO, but more importantly brings the right customers into your sales funnel, through content targeting. It works. Why not give it a try?

Our digital content writing is not just focused on short-form content, such as a blog or post. One of our most recent projects has involved producing long-form content – a white paper for the golf industry called ‘The Changing Face of Golf’. This examines golf as a sport in evolution and suggests what the health and safety implications of this could be. Our client, Gauntlet Health & Safety, was delighted to have this valuable, thoroughly researched piece of content sitting on their website. It’s already raised their profile in their sector and provided something around which to have meaningful conversations with potential customers.