Web Content

Catapult is a blog-writing agency, podcast creator and content writer rolled into one. We work with you to determine your key customer personas and then help you reach out to them through digital content loaded up to your own website and via valuable backlinks secured through editorial on media news sites and other websites.

Our copy is:

  • strategic and tactical
  • entertaining or full of gravitas
  • informative and meaningful
  • positioning and on-brand
  • high-value/essential
  • compelling/inspiring
  • persuasive/irresistible

It can be gated or ungated content, available in exchange for an email address, or just freely provided. Our digital content writing is not just focused on short-form content, such as blogs or posts, but also on long-form content, including white papers like ‘The Changing Face of Golf’. Click here to read more about that.

It is designed to make someone take that next action, whether that is to read, download, listen, buy, engage or click. And, whatever form it takes, it comes with the Catapult PR hallmark of quality.

With keyword-rich copy to boost your SEO and bring the right customers into your sales funnel through clever and informed content targeting, you could have a powerful marketing tool. Why not give it a try?