CSR and Community/Charity PR

Being a fabulous storyteller is a prerequisite for anyone handling community and charity PR. If you don’t have the capacity to win hearts and minds, you won’t achieve or exceed stretching goals, engage folk, or convert doubters or sceptics.

We’ve lost count of the times people have commented on Catapult PR’s infectious passion for community relations PR campaigns, or congratulated us on our outstanding ability to stir, engage and enlist supporters, participants, volunteers and stakeholders. This is why, if there are ever any PR awards being given out for community relations, charity and not-for-profit PR, we’re never far away from them.

Naturally, when you have over three decades of expertise in CSR, and experience, which was first acquired when handling the PR for one of the biggest national corporate CSR programmes in the country (British Gas), it helps.

There is no greater indication of our skills in this field than Northumberland Day – our idea and our ‘baby’, which we brought to fruition in 2017 for the first time. This totally brilliant concept has won us 5 awards (including national) and more than 20 PR award shortlistings in just two years. With virtually no budget, this shows how far you can go when you have compelling storytelling and passion behind your community relations PR and your CSR programmes.

If you want to chat about your community, charity or CSR public relations’ needs, please get in touch here.