About Us

What can we say about Catapult PR, other than that we give our clients 100 per cent and constantly think about their accounts, producing a stream of ideas for them and always seizing on tactical opportunities, whenever we can?

Our awards demonstrate that we are a credible, professional and results-orientated PR agency. What they won’t tell you, is how we forge long-lasting bonds with our clients, or how they continuously tell us that we are ‘more than just a PR agency’. They describe us as ‘inspirational’ and claim we are great hand-holders. We support, advise, consult and often amaze! We are different things to different clients, but always there for them.

Our whole focus is about making our clients stand out from the crowd, communicating their USPs (or creating them), through product development. They often don’t see how hard we work at our public relations campaigns, as our modus operandi is often that of a swan gliding across a lake – appearing elegant and composed, but paddling furiously beneath the water, in order to create powerful ripples. It is this combination of hard work and elegant ideas that has given us so much success. That’s how it will remain.

Our Latest News

July 15th, 2017

Latest Account Win Sees Catapult Working in 7 Counties!

Catapult PR has been growing like Topsy over the course of the last 18 months and that’s not just in terms of fee income, but also geographically. Whilst we have handled public relations briefs for many clients in Cumbria for […]

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June 9th, 2017

An A-Z of PR Sectors In Which Catapult PR Excels

A PR for Arts & Culture projects B PR for Boutique Hotels C PR for Community Projects (and Cumbria!) D PR for Dog Brands (and Dorset and Devon!) E PR for Exhibitions and Festivals F PR for Farm Diversifications G […]

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May 4th, 2017

Coastal Catapult PR Lands Pacific Ocean Brief

Fylde Coast PR agency, Catapult PR, has landed the account of Pacific Ocean – a stunning high-end outdoor furniture brand reaching UK shores for the first time and already wowing homeowners, not to mention hotels, restaurants and leisure providers across […]

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