Writing for Content Downloads/E-books

Delighting customers should be your intention. Addressing and alleviating their pain points should be another ambition. Demonstrating your thought-leadership or knowledge on particular topics is a third good reason to have value-added content downloads or e-books. Our writing services for content downloads and e-books can provide all of these things and more.

Content is king these days and ‘helpful content’ is often rewarded by search engines. People like freebies too and, if you can provide them with something useful, you go up in their estimations. You can also go up the search rankings.

Catapult PR creates all manner of content downloads and e-books, containing everything from tourism and wedding-related advice and lifestyle tips, to expert-view guidance such as how to sell more effectively on leading online sites, or how best to insure a courier fleet.

Most customers are not in the market to buy right now. Only around 4% of yours (and everybody else’s will be). By using value-added content in your strategy, you can start to warn up the 96%, build their trust, become their go-to source of information and, further down the line, hopefully convert them, when they buy from you.

This is the future, but it is here now and we can help you with it. Call us on 0333 2424062 today.

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