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On what basis do you work with clients?

The majority of our clients are on retained contracts, as that gives them the benefits of an ongoing service, so we are always scouting for opportunities, piggy-backing on news and thinking of new ideas and concepts. However, we do also work with clients on a project basis and can handle one-off pieces of work, subject to our availability.

Do you only work with northern clients?

Far from it. We have always worked with clients from across Britain and even have clients in Europe. Clients come to us for our expertise, and because of word-of-mouth recommendation, rather than our geographical location. We have concentrations of clients in Cumbria, Northumberland, Yorkshire and London, as well as in our home county of Lancashire, because of recommendations.

You have many awards. Does that make you expensive?

No. Our fees are typically lower than city-based agencies whose achievements are nowhere near as impressive as ours. We have lower overheads and don’t pay for trappings. That means we can charge clients less, but give them an award-winning track record stretching back over two decades. We aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but are so passionate and conscientious that we deliver an amazing rate of return on investment, if clients trust in our approach.

Why are you so successful?

We work extremely hard, we have brains tuned into creative thinking and we blend media relations skills with persuasive ideas, copy that hooks audiences in and other elements that go beyond strict ‘PR’. We live and breathe clients’ campaigns and know our passion is hard to beat. We are content marketing kings and queens!

Who will handle my account? Will I be passed down to the junior?

No. A major point of difference is that we are not only boutique, but also focused on delivering campaigns in which our MD is involved on a day-to-day, hands-on basis, creating PR strategies at the same level as those that have won awards year after year. Other agencies have major fluctuations when it comes to success; some have even disappeared after a few years. The fact we have 25 years’ experience stems from the fact that we only man an account with top-quality handlers and the input of our MD.

Are you big enough to handle my account?

Catapult thinks big from day one. Ideas typically outstrip resource and, when you think about it, what is actually best for you – an account handled by several juniors, or an account devised, implemented and passionately delivered by a multi award-winning director who’s worked in London, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds, prior to establishing Catapult PR? She also won’t be attracted by the next job offer, leaving your campaign in the lurch. She’s not an account junior, left to flounder after the pitch team has departed the stage, never to be seen by the client again. Size is an illusion in the world of PR.

What size of client do you take on?

Everyone from the ambitious entrepreneur or person with a great business idea who is launching a start-up, to huge financial services giants and blue-chip companies.

Why should I go with a PR specialist?

We’ve seen so many full-service agencies make PR the poor relation within their agency, putting little resource behind their PR wing and not being able to attract or retain talent. We believe in the power of PR, but to us that also encompasses digital strategies, copywriting, event management and some direct marketing. The difference is that we come at this from a PR viewpoint and create integrated and exciting campaigns from that starting point, giving these amazing amounts of creativity and sound and robust cohesion through strategic thinking. We’re not in to the ‘mystique’ that some build around digital marketing, or the smoke and mirrors! When we need technical expertise to support our creative ideas, we have it on tap, through our network of high-flying associates. We also have brilliant brains that will set your content alight, whichever distribution channel you then decide to use.

Are you cheaper?

Possibly, but we don’t compete on price. Clients come to us because of recommendation, because they’ve seen or heard about our results and because they appreciate that our awards record is extraordinary and phenomenal. Dare we say that they also establish an instant rapport with us and realise there’s nobody they would rather work with.

Tell us why you’re so successful in three words

Passion, creativity, results.

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