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Catapult PR has been writing content and copywriting for decades. Our managing director was an in-house editor of various customer and employee newsletters, during her career in the freight-forwarding, utilities and insurance sectors.

Later, as our agency was founded prior to the arrival of the Internet, we were regularly employed to write traditional employee, HR and customer newsletters, articles, tourism destination and investment guides and brochures. That’s all on top of our writing for the media, of course, via our PR work, where writing press releases and feature articles is second nature, whether that’s consumer PR material or corporate PR stories.

People think content is new. It isn’t. It’s the channels that now utilise it that are new. That’s why we now write blogs, e-books, content downloads, White Paper downloads, e-newsletters, e-shots, e-brochures and more.

The content and copywriting talent ‘gap’

The problem we generally find – and why people turn to us (often with a fair degree of angst) is that the people now providing the content for these channels can’t write persuasively, don’t always have a command of words or grammar and rarely understand how to use words to communicate with their ideal customer ‘avatar’.

Often, we find that content writers and copywriters are not prepared to put in the ‘hard yards’ when it comes to research and want everything handed to them on a plate. That’s not us. In fact, we’re just the opposite. We find the angles that others haven’t spotted.

Do you really want your brand undermined because you don’t have someone who can write in a professional manner? Do you recognise that some of your target audience will expect to see basic grammar used correctly? Do you have a gut-feeling that there’s a difference between writing in a compelling way and just ‘writing’ for the sake of it?

Why digital PR isn’t all about images

We can write persuasively and use words in a way that wows. We always have. We find it easy and every words-based challenge is exciting for us. We aren’t all about imagery. We aren’t naïve enough to believe that only pictures matter. Neither should you be. Basic psychology should tell you that a sizeable proportion of people make their decisions based on words, not images. With even a little bit of research, you should discover that Google – and other search engines – feed off words and are increasingly rewarding those brands who use more of them.

We are the wordsmith you probably need, if you secretly know all of this stuff. Just email to discuss how we can help you, or call us on 0333 2424062. Let’s have an exchange of words and come to some agreement as to how we can help you, within your budget.

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