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When talking about our blog writing services, we always tell folk that having a blog is not all about being a yummy mummy and the latest nappy change. For most businesses, it simply isn’t that; end of.

We also tell them that having a blog or articles area is probably the most important thing for them to do with their website. It is probably the most important ‘owned’ content that they have. Anything on social media is just content built on rented land and a business can be evicted at any moment, by whoever controls that platform.

Now, more than ever before, businesses need to freshen things up constantly for the search engines, creating new copy and insight on a regular basis. That’s all due to the Helpful Content algorithm from Google. Businesses need to be highlighting any niche in which they operate, explaining their expertise, answering questions and, above all, demonstrating thought-leadership on a continuous basis, several times a week, through their blogs. Keywords stuffed into web pages for SEO reasons will see businesses tumbling down Google rankings.

Here at Catapult PR, we can create blog articles about virtually anything and are dedicated to sourcing interesting research and background about the topic, investing time and energy in bringing your content to life and giving it an angle. After all, who just wants to read sales spiel? Google now definitely doesn’t want to waste time on that.

Our creativity means we can also provide the constant stream of high-quality content you need for your blog.

Our expertise as award-winning PR professionals, used to building the thought-leadership that Google now seeks since the launch of its Helpful Content algorithm, will mean your content is in the best possible hands.

Our blogs work. Let them work for you. Call 0333 2424062, to communicate your brief and discuss our blog writing services.

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