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Content & CopywritingWe always tell folk that having a blog is not all about being a yummy mummy and the latest nappy change. For most businesses, it simply isn’t that; end of.

We also tell them that having a blog or articles area is probably the most important thing for them to do with their website.

Why? Because they need to freshen things up constantly for the search engines, creating new copy and insight on a regular basis. They also need to be using their blog area for SEO, pulling prospects into them, through keywords, rather than doing all the legwork and trying to find new customers via phone calls or knocking on doors.

Sometimes, businesses listen and, when they do, in we step, creating well-structured, keyword-rich and interesting blogs, written in accordance with the latest guidelines on ‘lines and length’.

We can create blog articles about virtually anything and are dedicated to sourcing interesting research and background about the topic, investing time and energy in bringing your content to life and giving it an angle. After all, who just wants to read sales spiel?

Our blogs work. Let them work for you. Call 01253 446925, to communicate your brief.

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