PR for Italian Companies & Tourism Destinations

We love handling PR and content briefs that promote all things Italian, whether that’s a cookery school in the heart of busy Bologna, where the aroma of its ragù wafts as far as the Via dell’Indipendenza, or a sustainable tourism festival in Monteriggione in Tuscany.

With Italian language skills, a long appreciation of Italian culture and our talents in travel, food and drink, retail, pet products and cookery PR, we reckon you’d be hard-pushed to find a better UK partner PR agency or other PR agency for your promotion of your Italian product or tourism destination.

Having handled promotion, through both public relations and content, for a variety of different tourism destinations in the UK, we believe we are well-placed to promote any Italian tourism destination – from Emilia Romagna to Bergamo and from Puglia to Venice. We understand how to tick the boxes of UK travel media, to help an Italian tourism destination achieve its aim of attracting more British visitors. We can help express the identity of a destination and its unique appeal. We can translate that into winning ideas that allow us to hook the interest of UK travel writers and gain great exposure for any Italian tourism promotion agency.

When it comes to other Italian companies, our love of Italian culture, artisanship and production values will enable us to bring your product to life, whether it is a bit of Italian catering equipment, an Italian food or drink brand or Italian homeware. With our language skills, we should be able to help guide any Italian client through the intricacies of marketing their product in the UK and also project the product in the best possible light, because of the passion we have for Italian brands.

We can help an Italian brand gain an important foothold in the UK, as its starts to market itself, or assist an existing brand with brand growth and positioning.

Please call us on +44 7711 628661 or +44 333 2424062, if you wish to chat about bringing your little piece of Italy to a UK market, by accessing the services of a PR agency in the UK, that is experienced in promoting products, services and tourism destinations in Italy.

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