Food, Drink & Cookery School PR

When it comes to PR for food, drink and cookery schools, our MD has been there, done that and got the tea-towel, having worked with top household-name chefs since handling all catering PR for both British Gas and the South Western Electricity Board.

She moved from pizza, to pizza oven promotion through PR and content a few years after founding Catapult PR, but we also have expertise in PR for barbecues, having crossed over the garden fence, as it were!

We have handled PR and copywriting for individual pubs, restaurants and other eateries too, but can equally produce compelling campaigns for pub and hospitality chains. Dining clubs have benefited from our PR ideas, as have individual food and drink brands.

Cookery school PR too …

Not to blow our own trumpet too much, we are also an oracle for any cookery school seeking PR or copywriting, having done the show rounds, washed pots and signed clients in, at times, whilst crafting our stories from a client’s cookery school premises for a few days a week, as the Victoria sponges rose (or fell!)

So, we absolutely know what presses the buttons of keen cooks, young and old. (Oh, did we mention that we also promote cookery experiences in Bologna and the Appennine mountains?).

With a long background in catering equipment PR too, we’re your kitchen-to-front-of-house PR and blog writing team. Just call 0333 2424062, to find out more and tuck in to what we can offer you.

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