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What ‘to be Catapulted’ means

When you enter Catapult PR’s client stable, you are in the hands of probably the most successful regional agency of its size in the UK, bar none. Once inside, you are on the point of being Catapulted by a specialist PR agency, which taps into four decades of PR expertise accrued by its founder.

The fact we’ve been Catapulting clients for so long, and with such success, says it all. We Catapult some of the most vibrant brands and businesses in the country and always have done. We have Catapulted some of the very biggest – and some of the smallest.

Serial award winners

‘To Catapult’ means adopting a winning mentality in our day-to-day work and going the extra mile to secure results. Just look at our awards page, if you need proof.

We have built our Catapulting success on the cornerstones of extreme creativity, great copywriting, unswerving commitment to our clients and compelling strategies.

When you agree to be Catapulted, you could become an award winner too. What we do for you, and the results we achieve, will also often tick the boxes of your own awards judges.

What Catapulting encompasses

When we started Catapulting businesses and brands, back in 1998, PR was traditional in nature – solid media relations work and copywriting for internal and external communications.

Nowadays, it encompasses communications with audiences sent down different channels – via websites, blog and news areas, e-shots, e-newsletters, downloads and social media.

The channels have changed; the skills have not. And, in fact, there’s a lot to be said for solid media relations work. The fact we keep winning awards for this type of Catapulting, says a lot.

Catapulting is based on continuous professional development and evolution. We are chameleons, adapting ourselves to the marketing macro-environment and the world around us, to ensure strategies are on-point.

Which clients are best Catapulted?

Our clients are not people who want to tick a box and say they have ‘some marketing’. They are people who really want to achieve their goals, generate sales, visitor numbers, or footfall, acquire more exposure and profile, become thought leaders and build a brand.

They truly want to be Catapulted into the limelight.

Our PR proposals challenge them to think differently. Sometimes, they take a leap of faith and let us run with a ‘whacky’ idea, even if they don’t quite see what we see in it. When they do this, they are typically wowed by what results. That’s when they then see how valuable it was and how creativity generates extraordinary outcomes.

Being Catapulted in this way can be enormous fun.

What sort of clients do we love?

It doesn’t matter whether a client has a B2C or B2B business – we create award-winning campaigns that can Catapult both. What does matter is the relationship we can build with them and, if we don’t feel the chemistry or other factors are right, we will quickly step away.

Who can we Catapult with great success?

Typically these are clients who:

  • trust our advice, ensure they play their part by providing the information or approvals we require and work with us, as one united team.
  • recognise that Catapulting is a partnership and they need to provide certain things, on time and as requested.
  • treat us with respect
  • pay us on time!
  • involve us in more than just a monthly marketing meeting, valuing our input, from an early stage, in much of their strategic planning.

Could we Catapult you?

There’s only one way to find out! Arrange a Zoom meeting or telephone call and let’s see if we think we could be right for each other. If we are, great things could happen and you could be being Catapulted before you know it!

Call 0333 2424062 or email tellmemore@catapultpr.co.uk and let’s have a Catapulting chat. Alternatively, use our online contact form, to get in touch.

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