About Us

If you’ve landed here, maybe you’re curious to find out what makes us tick. Do we eat cornflakes mid-afternoon to drive our creativity? Do we ever sleep? Above all, do we work with people like you?

It’s fair to say we’re “driven”. In fact, so many people say it about us, it must be true! We’ve been setting the bar in the north since 1998 and became North West PR Consultancy of the Year within two years. We’ve never let that winning mentality slip. So, for instance, we topped the table at the Northern Marketing Awards in 2020; then scooped two national CIPR Excellence Awards and a PR Moment Award seven months later, in June 2021. On it goes.

If you want an agency that will:

  • challenge you
  • help you think differently
  • make you memorable
  • give you a persona
  • build your brand
  • go all out to make headlines
  • give you best advice
  • make you smile
  • write content that ticks boxes

then ‘bingo’, our relationship has been written in the stars. If you just really want a quiet life and a very staid and standard approach, with a bit of profile here and there, we’re most probably not for you. How ambitious are you? (Word to the wise… we don’t really like to think we care more about a client’s results than they do).

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