Retail PR

Our retail PR gets purses and wallets opening and credit card details tapped into online shops. We handled some of the very first online retail PR campaigns in the UK when the Internet came along and we’ve continued to rack up sales for fashion and footwear brands, homewares’ creators, kitchen retailers, fancy goods designers and more.

Retail clients have figured heavily in our award-winning campaigns, at both national and regional levels. Judges have commented on our capacity to create fantastic results on extremely modest budgets and find the compelling story that lifts standard retail PR into something else.

Retail PR

Our retail PR campaigns can breathe life into the marketing behind any type of product, whether it is sold online or on the high street and regardless of whether it is an artisan-produced item or something that is much more likely to have been mass manufactured.

We work with a wide variety of journalists on home and lifestyle magazines, food magazines and more niche titles that may be advantageous to some retail products. We can deploy a variety of tactics, to catapult your retail brand into the limelight and can even provide your brand with its own online media centre.

Other PR and content writing services for retailers

Our retail clients also often call upon us for award-writing services and have fared brilliantly in national awards schemes. Should they require any copywriting for their website or brochures, we can also assist with that.

If all of this sounds good reason to pick up the phone, just dial us on 0333 2424062.

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