Homes, Gardens & Retail PR

PR and digital PR can open many doors in the homes, gardens and retail consumer PR world. To start with, this remains a vibrant area for print media, with many magazines being associated with this area and a new magazine on the block seemingly emerging every month. This is a browsers’ market and we can provide the stories and material that they wish to browse, whether they pick up their favourite mag from the coffee table, or in the hairdressing salon.

Success in this area typically surrounds the creation of compelling copy that makes the reader (or social media target) wish to buy, there, then and with urgency. If that’s the sort of response your product or service requires, call us on 01253 891114 or email

Our Latest News

July 8th, 2018

Plaudits for the County Day People

It is just over a month since Catapult PR pulled off one of the greatest achievements – if not the greatest – in its 20-year history. Despite our local paper, the Blackpool Gazette, choosing to ignore our David v Goliath […]

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June 7th, 2018

National ‘Best Tourism PR’ Campaign Rewards Passion

A 20-year mission was achieved last night, with the winning of a prestigious national CIPR Excellence Award for a PR campaign, specifically for the Best PR campaign in the Travel, Leisure and Tourism sector. Whilst other awards schemes aspire to […]

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May 6th, 2018

More Awards News!

We’ve got off to a great start in May 2018, having made it through to the interview stage of the prestigious Lancashire business awards, the BIBAs and having just been re-approached by a wonderful business to which we presented credentials […]

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