In the beginning, there was a girl who loved to write stories. Her local library in Blackpool rewarded such skills in storytelling with awards and recognition, which she loved. She wanted to spread the joy that recognition brings. She wanted to make headlines in the media. She was diligent enough to meet every deadline. She was clever enough to create stories that stood out from all the others.

Decades later, she runs Catapult PR – a north-west public relations agency topping the Lancashire PR agency awards-won table by some way. It even outstrips most city agencies – just take a look.

Creative PR and Content Marketing

The ideas underpinning Catapult’s PR and content marketing storytelling and customer conversations have been ingenious, stupendously creative and attention-grabbing. They have engaged audiences for more than two decades. Clients of all shapes and sizes, from London to Northumberland, demand Catapult’s storytelling prowess.

Employee & Community Engagement

Given her love of storytelling, it was no surprise that the girl went on to become the editor of various employee newsletters and magazines, creating engaging stories for internal communications programmes.

Catapult continues to be a copywriter of in-house and customer magazines, websites, blogs, brochures and anything else you might need to have written with passion.

Words have also enabled us to win the hearts and minds of communities, through brilliant CSR Campaigns. We also know a thing or two about County Days.

Adding Value and ROI to Your Marketing

We truly care about adding value to your PR and marketing. We relish delivering a significant return on investment (ROI) for clients like you.

By engaging the media and channels that matter to you, we can earn you business and brand-boosting recognition.

We will show you how to engineer conversations – with traditional media, online media, bloggers and influencers, radio and TV and social media followers.

...or your beginning?

The girl who won all those awards in Blackpool Library competitions hasn’t lost the knack, the quirkiness or the capacity to create great stories. She’s also built a team to help. No wonder clients quickly see they made the right decision in appointing Catapult PR. Ready to join them?

10 Ways in which we can Add Value

We are all about generating return on investment (ROI) at Catapult PR. Find out how we can do that for you, by clicking the link below.

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Catapult PR - the Pet Music Video!

In 2020, we’ve dynamically conveyed our experience in public relations (PR) for pet products and services, pet insurance and dog-friendly travel and tourism (we are very good at all types of travel PR actually!) in our very own music video. Check out our doggy characters, sitting in our office, singing about our expertise and awards (and do see which awards you can spot in the video!).


Meet Your Dedicated PR/Content Writer

Well over 35 awards have since been won, in recognition of her PR talents, the campaigns conducted for clients and the agency’s content prowess.