Catapult PR is a boutique-sized public relations, content and copywriting company, priding itself on its engaging and compelling brand and engagement-building strategies. Don’t take our word for that; look at our awards page. We’re super-proud of it and should be.

After all, how many PR agencies or copywriting firms of our size can come close to it, if any? How many can create award-winning PR campaigns on tiny or modest budgets? How many can you trust to have had the same people tapping away, creating fresh, dynamic PR campaigns year after year? How many can give you such great value for money?

Three routes into Catapult PR

Our award-winning expertise spans wonderfully fluffy consumer PR sectors, such as travel, pet and retail, but also very serious corporate ones. What can we say? We’re just very different. Some clients even just commission us as a content or blog writer, using our power words for other purposes.

Dive into the route suiting you best - Catapult Chilled, Catapult Corporate or Catapult Copywriting and Content.



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EST. 1998

Location is really an irrelevance. Catapult clients are based Britain-wide. Some are overseas. All want our expertise, not a PR company, digital PR firm, or blog or copywriter that’s on the doorstep but unable to deliver results.

But, if you want to know where we are anyway, we are a Northern PR firm and the most award-accredited PR agency in Lancashire. We can more or less see Blackpool Tower from our window and have years of experience in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Northumberland.

What We Stand For

Nearly 25 years of PR, media relations and copywriting success has been built on dedication to our clients, extreme creativity, hard work and meticulous research. Rolling up the sleeves; popping out lightbulb moments continually; having Eureka moments. That’s us.

We don’t just like words, by the way; we love them. What makes our eyes roll? Business clichés and corporate jargon. That’s not us . We keep it real. We don’t preach and spout. We want to engage with you, chat and be part of your story.

Ready to Chat?

If you’re ready to have a good old natter about PR, content, or blog post/article writing for your concept, product, service or project, just hit us with it! We’re nosy when it comes to what other people do.

What can we do for you?

Well, what do you need? A dynamic PR or media relations campaign? Compelling website or digital PR content? Great added-value content downloads or SEO-friendly blogs? Engaging customer or staff communications? Brilliant storytelling or social media campaigns? We eat all of this sort of thing up for breakfast.

Whatever your requirement – product launch, profile, thought leadership, engagement, brand positioning, awareness-raising, footfall, or trust-building for your brand, well “hello”, here we are!

Get in touch now (01253 446925) or fill in our online form. Let’s get chatting. Let’s get others talking about you.

Our Approach

We always try to do things differently and express our personality. We think our pet marketing video promo and our Poodling Around podcast are great examples of that. Why not check them out.

The Pet Music Video!

In 2020, we dynamically conveyed our experience in public relations (PR) for pet products and services, pet insurance and dog-friendly travel and tourism (we are very good at all types of travel PR actually!) in our very own music video. Check out our doggy characters, sitting in our office, singing about our expertise and awards (and do see which awards you can spot in the video!).


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