A Big Week Ahead, Fairytales Or Not

A Big Week Ahead, Fairytales Or Not

May 26th, 2014

A Big Week Ahead, Fairytales Or Not

This is a big week.  There’s a book launch at the centre of it, but much more than that to look forward to, both professionally and personally.  There’s also a lot of work to be done to put future stories together.


We’re expecting to have to release news of an acquisition by one of our clients, have some big stories to get out into the press and also have lots to research and write.  It’s going to be busy, but there’s going to be some work-life balance too.  Sometimes you have to put life ahead of work.  It doesn’t happen often round here, but it will this week.


When you’re playing a waiting game and the waiting’s occurring all over the place, with so many irons in the fire all in an industry that moves exceptionally slowly, you never know when things might happen; when you may receive answers.  That’s truly frustrating, but it means that you get up each morning thinking today could be the day.  That’s the only way to survive it, particularly when you have so little patience and your day job is in an industry that moves exceptionally fast!  To say it’s trying is an understatement.


What will have happened come the end of the week is anybody’s guess, but the aim is to spread the risk and ensure there’s always a possibility bubbling away somewhere.


Maybe it’s time to have a holiday soon and get away to do nothing other than relax.  It’s hard to remember when there was last a holiday like that – in fact, not in Catapult memory.  That’s what happens when you run your own business. The salaried have it so easy, particularly in the public sector.


Hoping for a fairytale to emerge.  If you don’t wish upon a star, how can you make a dream come true?  Also praying for fine weather on Wednesday though, to be honest, book sales weren’t the main reason for the launch and one can always retreat to the champagne lounge that one will be located alongside!


Need to keep motivated.  Need to check on the arrangements I’m making for my teacher’s departure to Italy.  Need to keep writing.  Should be 50% through something by the end of today, which means it’s all downhill from here.  Very different plans indeed for this book.  Watch this space.


Will it happen this week?  Who knows?  Perhaps some decisive change in the wind will emerge if not and that could blow me anywhere.

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