A Marriage of Minds

A Marriage of Minds

January 10th, 2013

A Marriage of Minds

Jane Hunt, Catapult PR

I was once innocently sitting in a pub having lunch with a client and his colleagues when he suddenly asked: “Do you ever marry your clients”.  I nearly spat my drink out in shock!  All sorts of replies were running round my head as his colleagues awaited my reply with interest!


Luckily, it transpired that he’d missed the ‘up’ out of the sentence. “Marry up’ – it has a whole new meaning!


The answer to this is ‘yes’, if I feel that both parties are equally committed to their own business or project and that one isn’t going to have to do all the running for the other.  I also have to consider the personalities of the people involved, their principles and what their brand stands for.  Marrying people UP is not as easy as it might seem: it really does have to be a marriage of minds.


I am currently trying to marry up a few different clients, who I think could gain mutual benefit from a relationship or joint marketing activities.  However, I need to see energy from both sides, because I can’t pour all of my passion into it to set it up and then see it all fall apart when others aren’t as engaged.


New possibilities are presenting themselves all the time, especially since Catapult and myself (maybe more the latter at the moment due to the national award that I won in May) are receiving new business enquiries on almost a daily basis.  I think it’s my fifth of the week that I’ll be seeing tomorrow afternoon!


So if you fancy being married up, join the Catapult stable – it’s definitely becoming ‘on-trend’ and the choice of the discerning individual and business!   Give me a call on 01253 891114.

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