Award-winning Travel PR Agency Boosts Credentials

November 25th, 2023

Award-winning Travel PR Agency Boosts Credentials

Here at Catapult PR we are showcasing our travel and tourism PR experience ahead of the 2024 tourism season, having produced a travel and tourism PR credentials document shouting about our success in this sector.

The new booklet, now downloadable from our agency credentials page, crystallises exactly what we have done, created and achieved in the field of travel marketing, since our foundation in 1998.

Why have we published this travel PR credentials document?

The aim is to try to demonstrate, to a wide variety of tourism and hospitality businesses, both here in the UK and overseas, that they can find in-depth travel marketing expertise from a UK regional agency. That means not spending the sums of money that use of a London-based PR or digital agency requires, whilst still accessing award-winning travel marketing expertise.

This could allow some tourism businesses to save heavily on their marketing budgets during the 2024 season. Getting better value from a hotel or visitor attraction’s marketing budget in 2024 could be absolutely vital.

Attracting more Lancashire-based tourism businesses

Furthermore, we hope our new travel and tourism credentials booklet might encourage more Lancashire-based tourism attractions to look for their travel marketing support locally, rather than spending more money by engaging a Manchester or Liverpool-based agency.

Given that Catapult PR is located just a stone’s throw from the tourism resort of Blackpool and only around an hour from Southport, there is every reason to consider us as the agency of choice for a travel marketing campaign.

This is something that many Cumbrian-based businesses have done over the years, with our reputation and network of clients in Cumbria having been enhanced by many word-of-mouth recommendations within the travel and tourism sector.

Numerous awards for travel PR and marketing campaigns

Very many of the 61 awards that we have won, prior to the publication of our new Catapult PR booklet, have been earned for travel and tourism campaigns. Some have been travel PR campaigns, promoting a business or organisation within a particular area of the tourism spectrum. That might have been for a castle hotel, a heritage visitor attraction, a garden or food festival, or a travel insurance provider.

Others have been purely content campaigns, which have created dynamic travel and tourism related content for download or viewing online. These campaigns have spanned the creation of downloadable travel resources and guides and the devising of compelling content for use on social media. Topics covered have ranged from dog-friendly trips around Northumberland to an elopement guide.

Some campaigns have explored a theme or niche within tourism, such as sustainable tourism, wildlife and nature tourism, farm tourism or heritage tourism.

Using our skills as a UK travel PR agency

Quite simply, we want to use our skills and expertise to benefit more travel sector clients and destinations, whatever they do within the world of British tourism. Additionally, we want to help overseas clients – whether that be a destination marketing organisation such as Visit Bergamo or Sri Lanka tourism, an agriturismo, or an independent business or hotel group – recognise that the best marketing option is not always found in London.

Do check out our credentials document, if you want to boost visitor numbers, footfall, occupancy or in-destination tourism spend. The answer could lie in the creative, dynamic and strategically minded solution that we can provide and the passionate approach always offered by our travel marketing, PR and copywriting team here at Catapult PR.

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