Bremen: A City’s That Music To The Ears

April 3rd, 2024

Bremen: A City’s That Music To The Ears

Jane Hunt deviates away from her travel PR clients in this episode, to bring to life her own travel experience in the German city of Bremen, in northern Germany.

Jane builds on her own impressions and things seen, with the knowledge and insight provided by experienced Bremen tour guide, Guido Klostermann.  Jane explains what she did in the city, quizzing Guido on some of the things she saw, to discover more about this incredible but lesser-known location that has so much to offer to the visitor.

Together, Jane and Guido discuss the cultural landmarks, the local cuisine, the festivals and the shopping experiences in Bremen, as well as the city’s remarkable and undeniable connections to music and the Brother Grimm’s fairy tale of the Town Musicians.  Jane also highlights how these Town Musicians are brought to life in very interesting ways in Bremen and how that aids great causes.

However, as the podcast discovers, the statue of the Town Musicians is viewed as a good luck-bringer, if you make a wish whilst touching the donkey’s legs.  Jane teases that she did this but does not quite reveal what it is she wished for, even though music is at the heart of it and a much longed-for get-together could be another clue.

After learning more about what she herself saw in Bremen and discovering other things she really should return to see in the future, including Christmas markets, Jane moves on to emotionally explain what led her to Bremen in the first place and why this was so significant for her family and potentially that of 6 other families in the UK and Canada.

She details a very personal journey and what she discovered, having made it.  For anyone interested in genealogy, this might inspire a similar experience.

The emotional podcast ending indicates why peace is so important.

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