Can You Guess The Name & Win Some Champagne?

Can You Guess The Name & Win Some Champagne?

February 7th, 2013

Can You Guess The Name & Win Some Champagne?

We’re rapidly heading towards February 15, for me not the day after Valentine’s Day (or even the day after my friend’s birthday), but the one-month-left milestone to Catapult PR’s 15th anniversary and the publication of my book about the weird, wonderful and woeful encountered during my career.


I will be publishing the book as general interest genre title, as well as something that should be an essential read for anyone working in PR, studying on a PR course, or thinking about a career in PR.  Hopefully, the bizarre incidents will make it something to read and have fun with, as it certainly won’t be a ‘how to do’ PR book, but more about survival in a world where you really do live on your wits 90% of the time.


As a bit of pre-launch fun, I’m inviting guesses as to the title of the book, with a bottle of champagne for anyone who guesses correctly.  The main title is two words, one of which is an animal and the title refers to the people you meet along the way, rather than to me.

Have fun guessing and post your entries at my Facebook page –  Closing date Feb 21, as the book will have to be published pretty fast after that.  Only 15 more years to write about!


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