Construction-sector Recognition Through PR

March 27th, 2019

Construction-sector Recognition Through PR

In October 2018, we were asked, by a third party, to step in and help the UK’s leading sheet pile company, Sheet Piling UK. SPUK had struggled to gain any coverage whatsoever for a story related to a brand-new innovation that it had introduced to the infrastructure-widening sector.

Having tried for several months to gain traction in the media, SPUK had almost given up hope of gaining any recognition in the construction sector for its £1.2m spend on a world-first rig, despite having sought professional marketing help.

Catapult stepped in, produced the first press release and quickly generated the type of exposure SPUK had sought. It might not be the most creative story we’ve ever turned around, but it does prove that PR may look easy, but not everyone knows how to do it, or do it well. Using a PR specialist is the best route to success!

Here are some of the headlines: