The Changing Face of Golf

March 27th, 2019

The Changing Face of Golf

When Gauntlet Golf, experts in golf club health and safety, wanted to generate more awareness in their niche sector and draw more traffic to their website, we recognised that a strong piece of content could achieve both objectives.

We were well aware that the game of golf is evolving at a phenomenal rate, with this evolution largely being driven by the need for golf clubs to replace income that has dropped off, due to declining memberships. Setting the client brief in this context, we suggested we produce a piece of long-form content that would examine the health and safety implications of the vast changes occurring within the game.

We conducted extensive desk research, identifying as many examples of golf club evolution as we could, before putting these under a health and safety microscope. From there, we organised our content and started to write what we intended to make an effective driver of both media interest and editorials and all-important website traffic.

That has happened. ‘The Changing Face of Golf’ has become a valuable piece of gated content at where it not only acts as a magnet for inbound web-traffic and enquiries, but also positions Gauntlet Golf as an expert in its field.

Gauntlet Golf has been able to make outbound sales calls around the sales hook offered by the white paper report and base informed conversations around it. As a result, they have opened doors and been invited to speak at leading golf club AGMs.

The publication also reinforces the relationship with Gauntlet’s existing golf club clients, who have the reassurance of knowing they are in safe and knowledgeable hands. All in all, an above-par publication in every way!