Children’s Feedback After An Author Visit

Children’s Feedback After An Author Visit

January 13th, 2014

Children’s Feedback After An Author Visit

Jane Hunt, Catapult PR

Despite having won 23 awards, met some fascinating celebrities and lived a little bit of the high life during my years on this earth, nothing has made me happier than receiving this feedback from the children at a school I visited in December.  Hopefully, we can encourage more schools to allow their KS2 children to have this experience of an author’s visit, although this school has now also instigated our brand new Befana Drama Creative Writing Workshops, which we can also now offer.  Read on to find out how inspired and happy the children felt after my visit. It’s truly inspiring for me and will underpin all that I put into future visits and workshops.

“Our teachers invited Gianna Hartwright into school because they want everyone in school to read more books. I am telling you now it has got me reading more!” Ben

“Meeting Jane Hunt made me feel happy on the outside and delighted on the inside. I would love to meet her again in the future.” Brooklyn

“We were extremely excited because we got to meet a real life author. It was extraordinary beyond my wildest dreams. Her book is phenomenal.” Emma

“Wednesday was the best moment in my life because it made me become more excited about books.” Georgia

“The Befana Drama made me feel excited, pumped and ready for more.” Josh

“I enjoyed Gianna Hartwright’s visit because she inspired me to be an author when I am older.” Ellis

“I loved the visit and wish she could come to our school again.” Megan

“Gianna made me feel like I had entered a new world. I hope she comes in again.” Reagan

“On Wednesday morning we met an astonishing author and she was amazing!” Dylan

“Gianna Hartwright came into our school to persuade us to read and I think it worked because I like reading now.” Brandon

“When Gianna came into school it was exciting because I have never met a children’s author before.” Tyler  

 “I loved the visit because we could ask Gianna questions about her book.” Reece

“When Gianna Hartwright walked into the room my face lit up .She is an amazing author!” Jamie

“Gianna Hartwright came to our school because our teacher wants to try to encourage us to read every day – non stop! I think she has encouraged me to read a lot. I am going to read books every night.” Daisy

“I would like to thank the author for writing this amazing book.” Leah

“The author visit was tremendously great.” Tia

“When Gianna came into our class it was the best day of my whole life!” Erin

“Gianna gave me some very helpful advice about how to write a book.” Matthew

“WOO HOO! Today I got to meet a REAL author! I was glad I met her because I want to be an author like her.” Madison

“Gianna has definetly inspired me to read more books and enjoy writing.” Matthew

“Gianna Hartwright has become my favourite author.” Melissa

“Jane Hunt has given me inspiration to become a writer.” Skye

“In my opinion, she is one of the best authors ever; her books are amazing.” Cameron

“I really liked it when Gianna read part of her book. She put expression in her voice when the characters were talking and it made me imagine the characters in detail.” Leyla

“I think Gianna Hartwright is one of the best authors around. Out of 10 I would give her the biggest 10 ever! 10!” Connor

“After meeting Gianna I think I could be an author. When I get older I think I am actually going to write a book.” Jessica

“The Befana Drama is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!” Chloe


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