Community Relations PR, CSR and Charities

We have big hearts here at Catapult PR, so there’s little wonder we’ve won so many top awards for public relations campaigns that have engaged communities. If there’s one thing that a community PR campaign needs, it’s passion – and we have that in abundance.

This builds on our work in corporate social responsibility, a field within which our MD was an early maximiser of the PR potential of a wide variety of sponsorships and community initiatives financially supported by British Gas. From there, prior to founding Catapult PR, she leveraged leading football and community sponsorships for brands such as Green Flag, Danka and Britannia. Since then, many clients have sought our expertise in this field.

Our work in the world of sport has led us to promote various football in the community charities and schemes, whilst we have made international headlines for charity events such as the All England Open Stone Skimming Championships, over the course of 10 years.

If any of the above expertise matches your requirements, please call us on 01253 446925.

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