County Days and County Shows

Catapult PR is the PR company behind probably the most successful county day in Britain – Northumberland Day. We had the idea, created the concept, did the groundwork and brought it to fruition, two years later. We’ve endured long days, rallied troops on roadshows, driven thousands of miles, created mascots, even recorded our own sea shanty!

We’ve also won awards for Northumberland Day every year and engaged thousands. Just ask to see the social media stats!

Suffice to say, if we can promote county days this effectively, we can promote county shows. Our work in travel and tourism, our gold-award-winning festivals’ experience and our PR and copywriting in the agricultural sector (not to mention our many years of farm tourism and farm attractions’ promotion) combine to make our offer a pretty wow-factor one, if you run such a show.

Putting the county at the heart of thinking will be important in the coming years. Northumberland is already very much ahead of the game. Where do you want your county to be? Call us on 01253 4446925 and see what we can do for your county day or show.

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