Competitive? Strategic? It’s A Game Plan!

Competitive? Strategic? It’s A Game Plan!

February 5th, 2013

Competitive? Strategic? It’s A Game Plan!

Am informally reviewing the credentials of those that I know to assess whether there’s anyone within my local circle who won’t mind spending nights sprawled on the floor, that has a creative, yet strategic mind and most definitely a competitive edge.  Is there such a person within my inner circle?


The reason is that I want to create a spin off product from one of my books, which is a board game.  A few weeks ago, I started to draft out some content for the game while sitting in the hairdressers. That was the easy part. Although my train of thought was interrupted by a few messages while waiting for my hair to change colour, I realised how very difficult it is to put the mechanics of the game together.  I’ve decided also, that two heads are better than one with this, so if I can find someone who wants to get involved, it would only be fair to let them have a share of the spoils.


Now I do love a good board game and can lay my hands on quite a few, so a little brainstorming and compilation of strategy will be the first step.  I’m hoping my guys in South Africa who I have now made my ‘official’ book design supplier could turn their hand to designing a board, as they are really helpful and very talented.  Maybe I’ll get to meet them one day!


One thing you can’t do in business (and what I certainly can’t do in life) is stand still or stagnate and little project-ettes are keeping me motivated, driven and hungry.  Hopefully, I can get this latest one off the ground very soon – with a little help from someone with the right portfolio & credentials – having fun’s a start!

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