Could You Step Up To The Mark?

Could You Step Up To The Mark?

July 4th, 2013

Could You Step Up To The Mark?

The last two weeks have been fantastic ones for the development of my third book (which would have been my first if circumstances hadn’t dictated otherwise). This is the big one.


Although this has nothing to do with Catapult PR, I am sure it won’t mind me using the blog facility, as this blog should help sort out the future so as to maintain the status quo at Catapult and keep all client campaigns exciting, ideas-driven and results-orientated.


The next six weeks are going to be crucial for both Catapult projects and Book Three, but Catapult must come first.  The whole of the run up to Christmas is a massive time for this book, for reasons that would be explained to the ‘right’ person later. This means I need to find someone to make Book 3 happen as it has, to put it mildly, got massive potential for a global audience and the platform for this is the period to December 24 2013. We have to capture the imagination and capture the Christmas trade.


I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for in terms of this partner, other than they have to be very locally based (Fylde Coast) as regular teamwork out-of-hours & at weekends, when I am free, will be necessary. I’m not averse to thinking about different ways of financing help, after all, most of the Star Wars actors did the first film on the basis of a share in future profits, but I do already have the publishing website set up (book 3 just needs to be added to it) and an illustrator & book formatting package in place.  Of course, I have the PR skills to promote the book and have business backing in place to match-fund overseas sales/promotion.


What I think I need, in an ideal world, is;


Time (a few hours a week dedicated to book 3 by the ‘partner of choice’ but on a ‘get the head down’ basis.

Experience with kids aged around 8,9,10 years.  We want to create our ‘generation’ of kids over the next 8 years or so who buy in to the themes and love the characters in these children’s books and grow up with them.

Drive & focus.

Ambition & hunger.

Education sector experience would be advantageous.

Good managerial and interpersonal skills, plus an ability to think strategically.

Willingness to contribute ideas & challenge my thinking.

Possible willingness to travel to some international events (book fairs around the world).

Someone able to act in an ‘agent’ role, coordinating book signings, school visits etc

Long-term commitment – a sequel will be written following the launch of the first book in this series (ideally to launch in March/April 2014) & then other books will follow.

Possible involvement in some administrative work on the Catapult side – to keep things on track there.

Ability to suggest/think merchandise and help coordinate that.

Possible liaison with film production companies.


I think I am looking for someone who wouldn’t mind being part of something that could be massive but which is still a concept and dream and so technically a ‘risk’ right now.


I would need to be able to work with this person really closely and so get on with them at a personal level and bounce ideas off them to make the vision and global plan work.


This isn’t something for the faint-hearted to take on.  It’s going to be intense without a doubt,  so needs someone as intense as myself to get involved.  However, on the plus side it will be a journey that will provide real highs and a buzz second-to-none.  I have had offers from friends in other parts of the country, but can’t see that working at a practical level.  This is a huge opportunity and I don’t want to mess it up.


Interested? Prove it! Email me on if you fit the criteria.  If nobody does, I’ll go it alone – actually better for me, if I can do it, from a profits point of view, so make your pitch credible and spell out what you can do for me and what you can bring to the party.





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