Exploring Viking Roots & The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

January 20th, 2024

Exploring Viking Roots & The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

Jane Hunt explains the motivation that drove her towards a visit to the Viking Ship Museum, in Roskilde, Denmark, having been to a meeting, as part of her travel PR work, in which the need for DNA testing around Hadrian’s Wall become evident and where the arrival of a DNA testing kit was as exciting for the recipient as a knock on the door by Axl Rose would have been for Jane!

Jane describes her own DNA journey and Viking roots and explains how this not only led to a trip to Copenhagen, but a journey to Roskilde, to find out what the Viking Ship Museum had to offer.

Jane first offers tips of how to get to Roskilde and also explains, later in the podcast, how to do this most cost-effectively.  She suggests how listeners can get even more out of a visit than she did, by pre-planning and downloading the USEEUM App and then engages in a lot of atmospheric storytelling – with the help of audio taken from the site and from other Viking sources – to explain the story and secrets of the 5 Viking boats discovered in Roskilde Fjord way back in 1962 and the lives of those Danish Vikings who might have sailed in them.

With other descriptions of the visitor experience at the Viking Ship Museum, the podcast acts as a really good guide for those considering visiting. It is also a podcast that should interest anyone who loves history, discovery, archaeology and the application of craftsmanship to modern-day experiences.

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