Fledgling Small Businesses Can Fly With Catapult PR

Fledgling Small Businesses Can Fly With Catapult PR

February 2nd, 2013

Fledgling Small Businesses Can Fly With Catapult PR

Before I experience what might be a watershed moment on Monday lunchtime, there’s a point of view that I want to air and it relates to PR for small businesses – and by that I don’t mean under 100 employees, but one-man bands, couples trying to achieve their business dream and small attractions or retailers, with very little marketing budget to spare.


I have just been reviewing coverage generated for a Cumbrian client who was setting up her own walking and books business in the Lakes last year and needed help.  For a really tiny amount of fee – a rate that I offer to very small start-up businesses – I have generated masses of coverage – in nationals, parenting media, regional titles and local. I also helped her get an ‘in’ with one of my other clients on the retail side and have introduced her to a few others.


To me, it is such a shame that profiteering is the only currency of the realm for many PR businesses – and indeed for those judging business awards.  There is no true appreciation of PR companies like Catapult who are willing to set aside a fixed day rate and be flexible with their fee structure, so as to accommodate fledgling businesses.


I have seen many of my little fledglings grow and learn to fly over the years. I’m pretty sure some would have never got off the ground without the profile they generated through PR.


For me, the joy of the job lies in watching this evolution and seeing the amount of exposure that a company can get for their small budget.  It amuses me that PR awards typically have a category for best budget under £10k. They should try having one for under £300 or £500 and see how many PR consultancies enter. I suspect it might only be Catapult!

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