From Bess to Bonaparte: the Delights of an English Elizabethan Hall

January 20th, 2024

From Bess to Bonaparte: the Delights of an English Elizabethan Hall

Jane Hunt talks to Sarah Miller, a passionate tour guide at English Elizabethan Hall, Levens Hall and Gardens, in the northwest of England, which is one of Catapult PR’s travel PR clients.

Jane discovers why just visiting the gardens would be a real case of missing out, if you are a visitor from the UK or one of the many countries overseas from which explorers arrive at the Cumbrian visitor attraction.

Jane learns the absorbing history of this unique historic property and the perils of gambling, as she finds out how the Hall changed hands on the turn of the Ace of Hearts.

She also learns of the wonderful decor within the Hall and some of the incredible items that visitors can see, if they take a tour.

 Hot on the trail of all things Napoleon, following the launch of the Napoleon movie, she also hears of the strong links to both the Duke of Wellington and his adversary Napoleon and how these have resulted in the Hall having some unique exhibits, with which to thrill visitors.

Add to this the story of the infamous Radish Feast, once staged at Levens Hall, the legend of the Levens curse and the earliest English patchwork in existence and the podcast is a treasure trove for anyone appreciating past epochs and enjoying a deep dive into history.

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