How to Give a Dog a Bad or a Good Name

December 31st, 2023

How to Give a Dog a Bad or a Good Name

How difficult is it to come up with a name for a dog and what are the most popular choices?  What could inspire a choice of name for a dog and what examples do we have in the celebrity, movie and TV world?  What are the real no-no rules when it comes to a name and what name should you choose if you want your doggy to respond to you?  After spotting a dog named Axel, rather than Axl, and having pet owner research at her fingertips, Jane talks through all of this, as well as providing details of some other research findings that suggest some dog owners didn’t put enough thought into this challenge.

The podcast draws on research that was commissioned to underline Catapult PR’s experience in the world of pet insurance PR and pet product PR and its expertise in creating various dog-friendly initiatives in the travel PR sector.

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