If You Need PR, Catapult Can Probably Provide It!

If You Need PR, Catapult Can Probably Provide It!

October 30th, 2012

If You Need PR, Catapult Can Probably Provide It!

I attended a networking meeting this morning in Lancashire and was asked to say, in just a few seconds, what sort of public relations work I can handle.  I tried to answer this by explaining that it’s fundamentally down to working on behalf of anyone with a story to tell, regardless of what sector they are in. Although the Catapult website suggests a few sectors that we cover, the opportunities to use Catapult are literally endless, as we’ve done everything from perfume to ballet pumps and saving bonds to Subway stores.


When I say ‘have a story to tell’, you don’t have to come up with the story that would be promoted to the media or the public through our PR work. That’s where our skills come in: you just have to have a story that’s worth telling in a form other than a straight forward off-the-page advert. Here,  I normally define this as being quite an intricate story that needs full explanation through the written word, or through an extensive outdoor promotion that’s perhaps done  face-to-face through an outdoor roadshow or display.


But when it comes to the core subject matter, it can literally be anything. For instance, I would never have envisaged myself handling PR for a knee surgeon’s private knee clinic, but it has happened and with a lot of success, plus the acquisition of a lot of useful knowledge on my part!  I have to admit that I couldn’t do the gory, in-theatre bits, but I could describe the process, prepare interesting and dynamic materials for different audiences (the ski market for instance) and I have written interesting advertorials (they even attracted quite a following!).


Fundamentally, if you have a story worth telling, Catapult can be the conduit that takes your story out into the wider world and builds markets for you.  Where we score heavily is in the field of creativity, re-telling your story in different guises and maximising its potential by creating innovative hooks and angles throughout the life of a PR campaign, from launch to you finally selling off your company at a huge profit!


Don’t be deterred by thinking “Catapult doesn’t do that”, because it probably does do it and probably better than most people out there (just check out awards page for an endorsement of this statement).  It’s at least worth you finding out if Catapult can, so email jane@catapultpr.co.uk or pick up the phone and call me on 01253 891114.  It might be the best marketing enquiry you ever made.

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