I’m Getting A Brand New Key

I’m Getting A Brand New Key

November 1st, 2014

I’m Getting A Brand New Key

This has been a brilliant week on all fronts, but it’s actually just been a prelude to a major change, which will begin as from Tuesday.  I was told to make a note of Gandhi’s “Be the change that you wish to see”, this week and I think that’s probably what I’ve been in overdrive to do  since late August, when the light finally dawned.  I kept recalling that terrible TV advert with Elton John under a pile of parcels and the words ‘but who can help me get to them’.  I realised those who didn’t get the vision never would and couldn’t possibly share it, on that basis.  Consequently, I looked elsewhere nd surprise, surprise, it’s happened.


This wonderful week kicked off on Monday with the offer of a feature opportunity for a Leeds-based client that will be hugely beneficial and perfectly timed.  Another initiative devised for them has already taken off in a big way and there’s lots of other things in the pipeline.  This account is becoming more exciting with every egg sandwich that we have in Leeds and ideas are really welcomed, which is just what you want in this career.


But Monday was also a real reality check – in a great way.  Having been taken on by a super and highly decorated Italian literary agent, there was astounding news winging its way from Milan and also the offer of hooking up with her co-agent in Spain, who can handle the global ambitions and rights selling around the world, which my agent sees as having massive potential. The news,and her vision, really spurred on the writing this week, with handwritten chapters being put down on paper in any available spare moment and odd place! The first of the new spin-off series is coming on brilliantly, which is just as well as it’s needed within the next 7 days!  I’ve realised that my agent was a genius when she came up with this idea, but also know just how much I wish to visit the publisher’s James Bond-style HQ with a “Lovely to present the first of my new seven-strong spin-off series to you, 0039!”  As I always said, to those who would listen, I wasn’t just writing books; I was creating a brand. Silvia got that, because she listened & grasped the potential within days.


The decks have been cleared of various projects this week, as next week sees me making a transfer and getting a brand new key!  I shall just then need the roller skates!   I shall be working on some big blue chip campaigns and issues that are very close to the heart and I’m really excited, as I think I’ve found some kindred spirits and will have a lot of fun.  In fact, It was this time of year that I went on secondment to British Gas HQ in London all those years ago and I had a blast there!  It’s going to mean some early starts and late returns, but that’s now going to be the case for a large chunk of time between now and Christmas and maybe even a little bit beyond.


I’ve doubled up on PR and book signing business over the last two days, formulating thoughts for a new 2015 campaign for a tourism attraction client, while working from their base and delighting kids and parents with my books and also (amazingly) my mini broomsticks fashioned out of raffia, lollipop sticks and string!  The ‘customer’s’ reaction was again fantastic and I also probably deflected chat-up lines with my very best response ever, which is worthy of committing to the record books, this being: “Don’t be ridiculous, I can’t be beautiful; I’m a pumpkin!”  Thank goodness for the new Amy Childs orange dress!  I did keep getting told that orange is my colour (which I’ve been hearing close to home for months), so I’ve had to revise my opinion, as formed by my former secretary at Swinton, Carmella Basso.  Rogue Elephants readers will know that Carmella had two opinions about me. One was ‘red is your colour’ and the other was ‘what you need is a good Italian man!’  The colour idea’s out of the window now; who knows about the Italian man!


But Monday really was a day of joy.  Not only did I have my Skype session with Milan, I also got feedback from a prospective client (actually probably now a dear friend) and true community hero, worthy of that title one might add, who has been there and done it on a national scale and has won top accreditations and awards within his former profession as a result.  The words, ‘You’ll be by my side next time we go to Downing Street” and “just think how much we’ll bounce off each other when we’re in the office together”, made me feel very warm inside and proud.  It’s lovely to not only know that someone thinks you’ve totally grasped their vision, but to actually have that communicated to you, with passion and sincerity and a lot of humour too.  I didn’t mean to laugh at the £21.30 train fare strategy for travel between Leeds and London, honestly!  It just took me back to the banter I used to have with my former boss, Mr Miyake.


The signs are that my little document, written within 24 hours back in June, and version 2, written a few weeks ago, have made top Government officials, economic leaders and sports champions sit up and take notice.  They’ve now been charged with getting a budget together (and we’re talking massive numbers here) for a brilliant campaign, campaign office & long-term resources that are the stuff of which PR dreams and careers are made.  Working alongside the £21.30 train fare man would be a joy, helping him to finally get recognition for having already spent £50k of his own money on a campaign that he believes in 100%.


Mottos of the week – ‘never turn your back on anything until you know how big it could be’ and ‘if a horse takes you to water, use your brain and drink!’  Food for thought … from the pumpkin!  Always knew I needed to change colour to get anywhere.

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