Interesting Times: What’s Current/What’s Next

Interesting Times: What’s Current/What’s Next

October 2nd, 2014

Interesting Times: What’s Current/What’s Next

Jane Hunt, Catapult PR

This has been an interesting few weeks – to say the least!  The first thing to probably report is a change of scene.  I’ve been spending quite a lot of time around the Manchester area of late, trying to put the ‘free’ into freelance again, having proved so successfully how that could work during my cookery school days.  This has really picked up in the last week and could see a transfer to another team in the same organisation for a day next week and then the following week, but that is yet to be confirmed.


The observant amongst you may also note a few changes to the wording of the Catapult website.  This was largely down to a really good UKTI training course into international website optimisation.  I am still working on putting the lessons of the fabulous social media course that I attended into practice, having only been able to implement bits and pieces at present, but then I’ve got a Linkedin training course on the horizon too, so there’s lots to go at.


I’ve been out networking – last night at the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce event at the Laurel  & Hardy Museum in Ulverston, which was a joint event run in conjunction with the Lancaster Chamber.  I met some very interesting people, an old friend and quite a few people who said they knew my name or had heard about me.  I have no idea why, but became a little worried by the end of the evening!


I’ve been working on a new business proposal and am hoping that others may emerge soon, thanks to approaches I’ve made recently.  Then there’s the big one – the massive campaign that’s been lurking in the wings since June.  The inspirational man behind that has a meeting with a top Lord on October 7, so let’s see what results after that!


I think it’s definitely a time when irons in the fire may suddenly explode into flame, judging by developments today.  I love the timing.


Off to Manchester to be ‘free’ again tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ve had an email that makes me feel I need to get the charitable side going again with a new initiative.  Certain causes just tug at my heartstrings.  Maybe I just like giving, sharing and assisting people too much.

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