Just Call Me HGV Girl!

Just Call Me HGV Girl!

March 12th, 2015

Just Call Me HGV Girl!

Jane Hunt, Catapult PR

Just refer to me as ‘HGV Girl’ from now on, as I’m rapidly becoming the world’s leading expert on haulage issues – or so it seems.  Of course, as I remind the client for whom I’m working for, in this regard, I did start my PR career in the gritty world of freight – air, sea and groupage (or haulage to you and!), Those days at MSAS in Bracknell and my visits to haulage division, TransFlash, in Bradford, seem a long time ago, but once you know your curtain-sided from your flatbed, I guess it sticks with you!


Now, the reason that I could make ‘haulage issues in the UK 2015’ my specialist subject on ‘Mastermind’ relate to the content creation I am doing for articles at Gauntlet’s haulage insurance website. I’m drawing on research and also producing opinion-led pieces that will strike a cord with HGV drivers and also generate web traffic.  In effect, i’m marrying up my insurance and haulage PR experience, to create copy.


Content creation is becoming big in this country and PR people, who love writing, are very well placed to offer the service.  It’s not always about gritty stuff like haulage, as it can just as easily be about luxury jewellery, or the latest fashions on the runways.  What matters is that it has some relevance to the client’s product or customer avatar.  I have to say, I absolutely love doing it.


So, whatever sector you are in, I reckon I can turn something around that is relevant, timely and interesting.  It was fabulous, at our last meeting, to hear that the relatively new haulage insurance website was performing brilliantly in terms of traffic … no pun intended!


Of course, I do have a particular fondness of HGV drivers, having been rescued by one on the A1 as a 21-year-old who had twice careered across all three lanes, and carved a huge mud path up the embankment, as her car’s roof had scraped along it, while coat hangers flew around her head.  (Curse that huge bit of angle iron that had flipped up and pierced my back tyre!) Had that kind lorry driver not heard about me on his CB radio, from an HGV driver coming in the opposite direction, I’d have had a long, long walk to the transport café he took me to for a cup of tea with sugar and the ‘Dad … I know you’ve just had an op on your knee, but could you come and get me’ phone call!  I happen to know the cafe is still there, in a ‘diner’ guise now, as I saw it last year.  At least that’s one facility for HGVs.  If you want to know why that’s a key thought, read my latest content creation piece at www.gauntlethaulageinsurance.com when it comes online in a day or two.



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