Langley Castle Transforms Afternoon Tea Week Into A Profumo-filled Affair

August 4th, 2015

Langley Castle Transforms Afternoon Tea Week Into A Profumo-filled Affair


Luxurious Langley Castle, in Langley-on-Tyne, has started whispering about what it believes will be the most hedonistic afternoon tea experience in Britain for this year’s Afternoon Tea Week (August 10-16), as it wows with tastes and aromas and creates a truly profumo-filled affair.


Spies within the seven-foot walls at the 14th century castle have revealed that Langley’s executive chef, Daniel Grigg, will be arousing all the senses, whilst creating perfumed aromas (profumi in Italian) that waft across the exquisite, historic drawing room of a venue in which passion has always run deep.


Those booking for afternoon tea will be treated to Langley’s version – phenomenal, extraordinary and not-to-be-missed. Social media is likely to go wild, in the spirit of true ‘look-what-I’ve-just-experienced’ one-upmanship, whether the tweeter or poster opts for the fabulous and more feminine ‘Blueberry Beguiler’ or the marvellously manly ‘Cigar Symphony’. Both of these will convey Grigg’s magical culinary trickery, without need for sleight of hand, and demonstrate the profound talent of a chef aiming to bring a Michelin star to Langley.


Theatre and performance will surround both diva dishes, which will both be as far away from the norm when it comes to afternoon tea, as anyone could imagine, making Langley the place to be during Afternoon Tea Week.


Both are options that can be added to the normal Langley Castle Afternoon Tea menu, which comprises open bagels (honey roast ham and pease pudding, smoked salmon with crème fraiche and bronze fennel, truffled egg mayonnaise and compressed cucumber and rocket peston, as well as fruit scones served with clotted cream and preserves, a selection of cakes and the customer’s choice of tea or coffee.


Without spoiling ‘the reveal’, the Blueberry Beguiler will be a visual showstopper and an olfactory seducer, based around a blueberry ice-lolly and white chocolate. The sensational twist surrounding it will be witnessed by all the lucky observers in the room.


The Blueberry Beguiler also encompasses oysters with champagne perfume and apple churros served with cherry cider perfume.


The Cigar Symphony will be served in an ashtray and have both a chocolate overtone and undertone. It will be a new ‘take’ on colonial-style masculinity and be accompanied by an alcohol-infused side. The dish also encompasses cinnamon churros with a cherry cider perfume.


This extraordinary ‘Profumo’ afternoon tea extravaganza will be available at Langley Castle every afternoon from August 10-15, between 3pm and 5.30pm. Ring 01434 688888 to be in the auditorium and don’t forget your iphone and social media log-ins.
Both the Blueberry Beguiler experience and the Cigar Symphony cost £12.75 per person, as a supplement to the Langley Castle Hotel Afternoon Tea experience costing £37.00 for two people.


Please call 01434 688888 to book these additional experiences, as they cannot be added on the day. Please also call the hotel if you wish to jet in for this sensational affair and require use of the helicopter landing pad.


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