Looking Globally, Not Locally!

Looking Globally, Not Locally!

May 25th, 2014

Looking Globally, Not Locally!

Jane Hunt, MD, Catapult PR

Catapult PR has never had a ‘local pond’ viewpoint, working for clients nationwide, as well as some on home soil and, this week, we’re turning Japanese again!


Now, anyone who’s read the book Rogue Elephants will know that the last time we created a story specifically for Japan, things went wild, with our Search for a Geisha story getting the client on to the front news page of BBC24, despite only fundamentally being about having a leaflet translated into Japanese!
This week, it will be all about Haiku and, I don’t want to give too much away, but it will bring two of my clients together, create a stunt that British press should also love and even involve a Poet in Residence!  I suppose it could also see my fair self doing something with kids … hadn’t thought of that, but I could put it to the client …


The Bored Baker has done us a few favours here, by bringing Haiku into the national consciousness (we didn’t pay him, honestly!).  We can now build on that and hopefully make an international stir.  It’s probably going to be bigger than Fairy Cakes this year.


So I’m just debating when to get that out to the press, but watch this space.  I shall be trawling my Japanese database for suitable outlets and collating contact details for various schools.  I’ve got a great gut feeling about this one …  and we know what that usually means!



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