My 12 Golden Rules In Business

My 12 Golden Rules In Business

May 8th, 2013

My 12 Golden Rules In Business

Jane Hunt, Catapult PR


1) Never turn an opportunity down – always explore it and then you won’t have any regrets if

you find it’s not for you. Regrets are for those who never tried.


2) Take adversity and use it to make you stronger.  There’s nothing more powerful than

succeeding and proving people wrong, or knowing that they’re having to note your success.


3) Find yourself a motivating quote, song or picture and refer to it whenever you’re not on top



4) Never think that you can’t do something.  Stretch yourself and prove that you can.


5)) Set a realistic goal and then try to exceed it.


6)) Don’t mess your suppliers around – they are vital to your success.


7) Inject humour and personality into everything that you do. People will remember you and you will be happier in what you are doing.


8) Go in for awards – your customers may not care about them, but it will truly motivate you, if you win.


9) Be brave. Those who miss out on opportunities are those who let fear hold them back.  You have to be a risk taker to get out of a rut.  Fear can strangulate you and see you missing out.


10) Celebrate your success. Make sure you reward yourself every time you achieve something, in whatever little way you can.


11) Reinvent yourself. Business and life go in cycles.  You need to stay ahead of the game, so keep doing something different and adapt yourself and your product to new times.


12) Dream.  Unless you can learn to dream, or share a dream with others, you will not fully achieve, or ever know what could have been out there for you.   As Walt Disney said: “If you dream it, you can do it”. Start dreaming now … I am!



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