Name Of PR Book Revealed

Name Of PR Book Revealed

February 23rd, 2013

Name Of PR Book Revealed


My book cover designers in South Africa have put my new book cover on their home page, so I guess it’s time I revealed the name of the book about my PR career, which is ‘Rogue Elephants’ and subtitled ‘One PR Girl’s Fight Through the Human Jungle’.


A rogue elephant is one that unexpectedly changes character and starts to rage, stampede and wreak destruction.  I’ve come across a fair few rogue elephants, and just rogues, during my career, so the book will reveal all!  Sometimes the rogue elephants are just people who emerge and play their part in a really funny or bizarre incident – there are also a number of events in the book that you couldn’t make up for a comedy sketch!


Currently heading out of 2001 and into 2002 and I want the whole thing ready for March 15th – Catapult’s 15th birthday …a bit of an ambitious target.  Writing about the Catapult years is proving really hard – much harder than when I worked elsewhere, as I can’t remember what happened in which year! It’s definitely a scene from Bridget Jones in my bedroom late each night, with my old Apple i-Mac balanced on my bed so that I can read old award entries and check who I invoiced each year and my laptop on my knee.  Gone over the 200-page mark now, so not sure how many pages it will end up being.  I then need to check it all and rewrite passages.  I’ve been pretty generous to some pretty awful people, but I do know that one chap got a real slating, so I may need to tone that down!


If I make the deadline, it will be a miracle, but the diversions that I had have evaporated, so who knows.  Also need to keep really busy to stop thinking about other things. Wish to push this book big time in the marketing & women’s media & then crack on with the book that’s the real cracker & one that I want to turn into a film (or ask Disney to do so!). That’s half-written, but needs to be dusted off and started again.  Can’t wait to see what cover Damon and Benjamin come up with for that one.


Onwards & upwards.  Children’s book now on sale with Amazon worldwide & hopefully with other stores in the next day or so.  Have registered domain names for both my publishing house and characters, so debating whether to get a web page/site built this week. Also debating whether to have a trailer made for my children’s book, which the very talented Damon and Benjamin can also do!


In between all of this, new windows should be on the way – only been waiting 2 years .. and then other décor issues to sort …. Good job I’m good at juggling balls!



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