New Faces & Facets At Catapult

New Faces & Facets At Catapult

March 27th, 2013

New Faces & Facets At Catapult

Catapult has had such a great start to 2013 on the back of a fabulous 2012 that some new faces will be brightening things still further in the coming months.  This doesn’t mean that anyone’s going to lose me, before anyone gets on the phone!  What it means is that for business going forward, there will be some really strong back up, probably as from mid-April, from discussions I’ve had today.


This is going to allow Catapult to really capitalise on some opportunities. I’d already set myself a mission of establishing a sporting arm – although we do already have – and falling into my lap today came a big cycling initiative based on an idea I pitched, which I think has phenomenal potential – in fact, it’s how big could it go.  This will tie in with some major national cycling events so is going to be tremendous fun to work on.


Another new face will be working on the accounts side of things and then I have a new illustrator on board, who will initially be bringing my children’s book characters to life for a brand new website coming in April, which will be home to an exciting book trailer due any day now. She will then be bringing my next children’s book characters to life – and I know this is the book that will really be big.


Having now started to promote the first children’s book, some key opportunities are emerging on the affinity side, but also within the sphere of education and other areas, all due to the theme of the book.  The possibilities here are enormous and it may be that I bring in someone who can add a few hours a week on the education side and help with children’s marketing too. Facebook and Twitter pages have already been set up for the character and I’ll be looking at marketing through kids clubs, schools and other associated businesses.
I never imagined the children’s book to have so much potential, as my main hopes, at this stage, were for my book about my career, which has its own natural audience in the shape of the 48,000 people working in PR in Britain alone.  This really is coming to a writing conclusion now – only 3 years to go and I’m not sure I have that many funny incidents to relate in those years, so I’m hoping to get that completed this weekend and then proofed, checked over by an expert and then launched.  A new web page will be added to the Catapult website to accommodate this.


Again, there is massive potential with this book, which again needs its own marketing strategy and merchandising, not to mention organisation of speaking events and so on.  People scoffed at the idea of my books. I don’t think many are scoffing now!  Never underestimate a blonde’s ambition.


At least one of my new faces will be helping me get out new business mailings that have been sitting around for an age awaiting someone to get them out.  This will no doubt spark further requests for meetings and this will hopefully help boost Catapult’s sports client portfolio.


Cannot describe how exciting the new sporting project will be, but I feel an award on the horizon next spring, as it will be too late for the autumn round.  With support, people as excited as I am about making money and passion, the sky really is the limit.





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