PR and Content Writer for Coronavirus Temporary Support

April 21st, 2020

PR and Content Writer for Coronavirus Temporary Support

We have become aware of many PR and content writing freelancers who have had to furlough themselves at the present moment. Whilst we are acutely aware that many of their clients will have withdrawn work from them, we also know there will be companies out there who are looking for PR and content writers to assist them, because their business is still strong.

For this reason, we have created some PR packages for those companies who have been left without PR and content writing support during this time. These can be temporary packages, used as until such time as your usual support returns to work.

PR and Content Writing Support UK-wide

Before we get on to that, you may see that we are a Lancashire PR agency and content writer and creator but let us assure you that we work UK-wide and beyond. Our current PR and content writing clients are based in:

• Lancashire
• London
• Yorkshire
• Cumbria
• Northumberland
• Surrey
• Essex
• Northamptonshire
• West Midlands
• France
• Italy

Coronavirus PR and Content Writing Temporary Support Packages

Here are the packages:

The Furlough Coronavirus PR Package – Temporary PR Support for those whose usual PR support has furloughed themselves

We will provide PR support at a highly affordable rate to any business, or any PR agency, which needs additional support during the coronavirus pandemic. There is no-obligation to keep using our services once things return to normal for you, so just pick up the phone and talk to us about what you need, even if it is an ad-hoc, tick-along sort of requirement.

The Furlough Coronavirus Content Writing Package – Temporary PR Support for those whose usual content writing support has furloughed themselves

We are offering a kind of buy one get two free or buy two get three free package for those wanting content articles for their website, if their normal content writer has furloughed themselves. The same offer applies to those who see a real need to keep communicating during the coronavirus pandemic. Our retained clients are doing this and it is paying off in a big way.

Coronavirus PR and Content Writing Support

If you have a general need for PR (public relations) or content writing, or website copywriting, or award entry copywriting support at this time, we are offering some reduced-price deals to help people out.

If you wish to access any of the above, please call 01253 446925 or email We have extensive PR and copywriting experience in:

• Financial services PR and copywriting
• Insurance PR and copywriting
• Travel and tourism PR and copywriting
• Food and drink PR and copywriting
• Farm shops PR and copywriting
• Pet PR and copywriting
• Community relations PR and copywriting
• Restaurant and hotel PR and copywriting
•. Catering and hospitality PR and copywriting
• Sports PR and copywriting
• CSR PR and copywriting
• Sponsorship maximisation
• Fashion PR and copywriting
• Homes and gardens PR and copywriting
• Cultural PR and copywriting
• PR and copywriting for castles
• PR and copywriting for cookery schools
• PR and copywriting for businesses in Lancashire

This list is not definitive. In 22 years, we have covered a multitude of sectors, so just ask what we could do for you.

Experienced and Award-Winning PR and Content Writer

We doubt you will find any other PR freelancer, freelance copywriter or PR agency in the country, currently shortlisted for two of its professions biggest awards (CIPR Excellence Awards) and three other PR awards ( awards) who is willing to offer the package we can provide at this moment in time. We are doing this because we know how tough business is at any time and we wish to help.

Please just pick up the phone and ask us what we can do. We can also assist Italian businesses and English-speaking businesses from other parts of Europe. We have worked with other clients in Italy and have a good knowledge of the Italian language.

We are also very honest and, if we can’t help you, we will tell you that.

Just call 01253 446925 or email This is a dedicated email for new business enquiries which will help single out your enquiry, as our main emails are still full of journalist requests and client emails.

We look forward to assisting you in this difficult time.

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