Ready To Take On New Clients

Ready To Take On New Clients

November 29th, 2014

Ready To Take On New Clients

The Catapult PR website will be featuring a new service as from December 1, as we head into the New Year ready to exploit a specialism that we and our associated businesses should find an ideal fit with our skills set.


If you head to www.catapultpr/expertise, you will find lots of clickable boxes, one of which will be supported by an image carrying the word ‘content?’  If you are less than contented, give it a click, as it will lead you to a new level of SEO, LinkedIn profiling and more.


Generating clients for this side of the Catapult PR business will be strategically advantageous, given our new departures since the end of October.  It will also provide clients with a top-notch service – a win-win all way round.


We also hope to be able to announce a new client that we have been working with in the last 2 weeks and another new client, who we hope to work with, following a meeting on December 12.


Another project has been re-awoken, since my contact with the project head, who seems very fond of Catapult PR and what it can offer. Obstacles to this one have been removed, so it’s all systems go, if he’s up for it and gets the contract signed off.


I still hope that a massive announcement can be made before year end, but maybe it will take a little longer.  Whatever happens, those who are in will be in on it … if the relationship is promising.

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