Top Ten Of The Week

July 17th, 2015

Top Ten Of The Week


  • Hooking back up with former colleagues and winning the chance to run a 6-month project about something close to the heart that will also bring back their company and friendship once more.



  • Knights and white satin – well almost. An unforgettable time, food experience and interaction with passionate people in a passionate place!



  • Pulling off some major, major coups for clients, being thanked for all we’ve done and realising that we’re now an integral part of some people’s lives and careers.



  • Finding another chef to take under the wing – well, if you’ve a weakness, stick to it! A lot of fun lies ahead. It’s great to hear words like “let’s go for it” and “I’m up for that.”



  • Being officially on board with a sport, lifestyle, food and travel campaign for a Tuscan festival that’s simply idyllic and in one of the most beautiful places on earth.



  • Having the chance to land another Italian-focused client that’s been on the wish list for ages and which is not a million miles away.



  • Making the right choices about where to take ‘the wares’.   Appreciation is everything. If someone doesn’t get how much you can enrich things, someone else will – as has been proved.



  • Being congratulated on having created a true USP – without even pointing that out! It must be real!



  • Finding some prescription reading glasses that are just what one wanted – black rims, cream trim, super-stern! Watch out now!



10) Knowing that something in the wings could make all of this just the icing on the cake.

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