Unique New Product Will Stop British Dog Bowls Travelling 2.5 Million Miles Per Year

Unique New Product Will Stop British Dog Bowls Travelling 2.5 Million Miles Per Year

June 7th, 2016

Unique New Product Will Stop British Dog Bowls Travelling 2.5 Million Miles Per Year

PW_Charlie_DSC1851PW Charlie_DSC1893PW Charlie_DSC2004Dog bowls around Britain are estimated to have been travelling at least 2.5 million miles per year, without ever having boarded a train, boat or plane, or been loaded into a car.*

Experience suggests each British dog bowl travels a minimum of 24 inches per day, during the course of the recommended two daily feeds, creating stressful journeys and lots of pet-lag.

Now, however, thanks to Charlie the Schnauzer – a very serious product tester and developer – all that is about to change and dog bowls will enjoy some very welcome ‘staycations’.

This is all down to a brand new and innovative product called PetWeighter and Charlie’s personal story.

When this loveable dog was six years old, he became the one in the ‘one in five hundred dogs’ that develops diabetes in its lifetime. The vet told Charlie, and his grown-ups, that Charlie had to drink lots and lots of water. The trouble was that Charlie was a typical dog who liked to throw his bowl around and spill food and water everywhere. No matter what the grown-ups did, they could not keep Charlie’s water in the bowl, to give him enough to drink to help his condition and stay hydrated.

Luckily, Charlie knew a kindly solutions-focused chap. He created a makeshift arrangement that saw the bowl set into a wooden framework filled with concrete. It wasn’t attractive or neat, but it was Charlie-proof. Charlie, however, being a discerning dog, felt his product developer could do better. PetWeighter was born!

The unique PetWeighter has revolutionised pet feeding. It is a food-grade, high-strength plastic dog bowl that has learned the command ‘stay’ and does just that, staying put no matter how hard a dog or cat tries to move it. This sturdy and secure, two-part product comprises bowl and a base that is the grounding mechanism. This can be filled with water, sand, a combination of water and sand, or ice, simply by unscrewing a cap and then securing it again once filled.

The bowl section is then easily detached from the base, so the dog owner can fill it with food, or clean it – even popping it on to the top rack of their dishwasher, if they wish. Once it’s feed time, the bowl is simply aligned with the weight station base, and gently pushed down to lock into place.

At its heaviest, a large PetWeighter can weigh 13kg – more than enough to prevent dogs throwing their food and water around the floor and making an almighty mess.

Charlie likes to point out that it is every dog’s natural instinct to protect their food and eat it quickly. In the wild, this would have stopped prey escaping and now, when a dog sees its bowl continuously moving away from it, a deep growl and curling lip can emerge, if owners or children try to helpfully bring the bowl back to its starting point.

Additionally, some of Charlie’s friends have arthritis and find the PetWeighter puts less strain on their joints. The two-part bowl is designed for medium-to-large sized dogs and elevated to a height that means a dog does not have to stoop to eat its food, or drink water. This alleviates the discomfort in the neck, chest and elbows that an arthritic dog can experience and can be a huge weight off the shoulders.

Breeding bitches will find that their little pups cannot get into their mum’s bowl to soil and really cannot tip it up, no matter how much they try.

The PetWeighter comes in three colours – a smart red bowl with grey base, an eye-catching turquoise blue bowl with grey base and a girly pink bowl with grey base. It is available in two sizes – medium and large – and can be used with cats as well as dogs.

The large red bowl is available immediately, with the large pink and turquoise options available in late June. All medium-sized bowls will be available in September 2016.

The PetWeighter can keep your pet’s feeding area clean and tidy, won’t darken your dog’s mood as it wrestles with its moving bowl and ensures water is cleaner, cooler and available at all times, just as it needs to be.

Being able to assist dogs, with health issues, whether they are diabetics like Charlie, or older and a little achy, suffering kidney disease, or worryingly displaying Megaesophagus really is a big bonus.

The robust PetWeighter should last for years, if treated correctly, and its shape makes it hard to chew. Designed by healthcare engineers, with hygiene in mind, it is simple to clean and the bowl has no cracks or crevices that can attract dirt.

Create one pet feeding zone in your home by stopping your dog bowl from going on its travels! The PetWeighter from Peak Pet Products Ltd costs £28.99 and will be available in many good pet stores, as well as online at Amazon. More information is available at www.petweighter.com or by calling 0330 223 1534.


1. The figures are based on a conservative estimate of each dog bowl being moved and nudged just 48 inches a day, during two feeds, and multiplying this by 365 days in the year and then by the 9 million dogs in Britain. This results in a figure of 2,488,636 miles. If each bowl moved three feet during a feed, rather than two, dog bowls in Britain would be knocking up a mileage of 3,7321,954 miles a year! Of course, some dogs will move their bowl from one end of a room to another, whilst feeding, which means that their dog bowls are serial travellers!

2. Before taking any specific actions in relation to a pet’s health or behavioural issues, PetWeighter would advise owners to seek independent advice from a veterinary surgeon.

3. Product samples and possible competition prizes are available by calling Jane Hunt, on 01253 891114/07711 628661 or by emailing jane@catapultpr.co.uk

4. Large red bowls are currently available. Large pink and turquoise bowls will be available in late June/July and medium-sized bowls available in September.

5. UK and International patents for the PetWeighter are pending and all rights are reserved.

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