Vegan Cactus Leather Trainers Arrive Comfortably ‘On Kew’

December 31st, 2023

Vegan Cactus Leather Trainers Arrive Comfortably ‘On Kew’

Jane Hunt talks to Janan Leo, founder of women’s footwear brand, Cocorose London, about the second major innovation of her career – the creation of a collection of vegan, sustainable cactus leather trainers range for UK women and those whom the brand can reach through exporting.

Jane asks Janan, one of her retail PR clients,  about this plant-powered alternative to leather, discusses the brand’s sustainable principles, delves more into the world of cactus leather and shoe manufacturing in the UK and in Portugal and discovers why cacti are eco superheroes.

She hears about the new Kew collection of 5 plant-powered trainers and learns how a small SME has been able to make this pioneering move within the UK footwear industry, establishing a product with strong export potential, thanks to the backing of Innovate UK, the UK innovation agency.

The discussion focuses on the whole topic of products with purpose and even reveals why the new collection is called Kew and where overseas visitors should make a beeline for, if visiting London.

With chat about comfort being the  DNA of this footwear brand and how ‘Cocorosers’ often become brand avatars – with this including Jane herself – this podcast is one to inspire any fashionista wishing to make a lifestyle choice within their fashion purchasing behaviour, that can assist the future good of the planet.

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